For Nonprofits

Partner up with TSE and we will work hand-in-hand to develop the technology that will turn your vision into a reality without costing you a penny.

If you have a proposal for an appropriate project, get in touch with us by emailing We will work with you to deliver a solution that satisfies your needs.


Mobile Development

Mobile applications allow us to bring powerful computing power to nearly anyone.

Web Development

TSE can help you build web applications to take advantage of the power of the Internet in expanding your organization.



How will your project impact the community?


How important is your project for your non-profit?


Are your goals something we can achieve in the allotted time?

Technical Fit

Is software & technological development integral to your project?


Is there evidence that your project will make an impact?


How are TSE projects structured?

TSE's structure consists of our board and 4-6 project-based teams. Each team is made up of a project leader, 3-4 developers, and a UI/UX designer. Teams work independently of one another to create software for a specific non-profit they have been assigned to.

What resources does TSE have to ensure success?

Our organization recruits some of the most hard-working, passionate, and brighest students at UC San Diego. Through effective leadership, frequent check-ins, and organized project timelines set with our clients and board, we can ensure that our combination of talent, dedication, and care will result in projects that benefit the nonprofits we work with.