Our Projects

At TSE, we believe in keeping our work open source because we value transparency and connectivity.


What We've Been Up To

This is a tablet EMR application for the International Health Collective that has a simple user interface in which the volunteers of Clinica Innovadores can easily utilize for managing their patient’s records.                                                                                     

We are working with the Center for Community Health to create an online market assessment tool to determine how healthy a market is. The goal is to make their current process more efficient. This allows markets to get accurate information regarding p...

We collaborated with UCSD's Office of Innovation and Commercialization to develop a new online resource to aggregate programs and opportunities across campus and help connect students with other innovators.                                                                                          

Under guidance from the International Health Collective, we created an app that gamifies good habits for mental health. Users are able to take care of a plant via points that are earned through doing recommended wellness activities.                                   

The SSA website is a website for the Symphonic Student Association, a student organization fostering a community of members interested in classical music.                                                                                                                                                                                                        


What We Were Up To