For Students

Come join our family and find a way to put your skills to use by giving back to the community! We recruit annually in the fall so make sure you stay up to date.

Applications are currently closed. Please check back next fall if you are interested in joining.



Are you able to demonstrate a genuine passion for problem-solving and social good?


Do you have the necessary skills to effectively contribute to the projects we work on?


Do you have any previous, relevant experience such as volunteering?


Are you able to work well in teams?


Do you have a positive and dedicated work ethic?


How well will you fit in with the rest of us here at TSE?


How are TSE projects structured?

TSE's structure consists of our board and 4-6 project-based teams. Each team is made up of a project leader, 3-4 developers, and a UI/UX designer. Teams work independently of one another to create software for a specific non-profit they have been assigned to.

Why should I join TSE?

TSE is an amazing opportunity for people at any skill level to give back to the community. Whether you're a seasoned developer, or just starting in the industry, TSE will teach you skills that will carry over throughout your life while also giving you real world experience.

Do I need coding experience to join TSE?

No, you do not! We take anyone from beginners to experts. What we look for is your ability to problem solve and a passion for learning. Once accepted, we can teach you all of the necessary languages, frameworks, and libraries that we use.

What sort of development work can I expect once in TSE?

The work that you will be doing depends on your client. For most web development work, we tend to stick to the MERN stack, and for most cross-platform mobile development, we focus on using React Native with Expo. This means that, as a whole, TSE ends up with many JavaScript-based applications. However, depending on the client's needs, we have been known to use other technologies, such as Java and PHP.